Locksmith in Watertown, Ma.


With 30 years experience in lock installation and repair, Linehan Lock has been a trusted locksmith in Watertown, Belmont and Newton. I service most of Middlesex county


I guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way. When you have questions, I am prepared to give you straight answers and correct quotes.....no surprises. Don't trust your loved ones' safety to anyone else.

A lifelong resident of Massachusetts and a resident and homeowner in Watertown for the past 13 years. 

I began working as a Locksmith at 17 years old...Way back in 1987. I have seen and worked on every lock under the sun and know what to do in every instnace.

Don't trust some call center outside Massachusetts that dispatches shifty handymen with minimal knowledge .....call Linehan Lock and 

have a REAL locksmith do the work.

                                                       James Linehan


Locksmith and Owner